Bed Step

The step stool we were using to get on the elevated bed is feeble and it keeps getting moved in the night by the doggos. I saw this thing online and when I saw the price decided to see if I could replicate it with stuff for less (starting the habits of a retiree). This is what I ended up with. Total cost about $60 and it could be less, but I wanted a black plastic backing plate instead of just using a piece of plywood I had.

This was done before we had the idea to video/document mods, but the basic steps are as follows:

1) Remove the existing panel and two clips, the panel pulls out and the clips are two phillips screws each.
2) Measure and cut the trim piece / backing to size to fill the hole left by removing the WGO trim piece.
3) Mark the trim piece at the center of the vertical aluminum frames on the left and right and use a square to scribe a pencil line.
4) Take the trim piece over to the bench and use your hinges to mark the hole locations on the trim piece along the lines you scribed in step 3.
5) Drill holes in the trim piece and then take it back in the van.
6) Hold the trim piece in place and use the holes you drilled to mark the places on the aluminum frame you need to drill for the fasteners your using (I used screws, but you may elect to use Rivnuts).
7) Drill the holes to the correct size for your fasteners.
8) Install the trim piece and hinges using your fasteners.
9) Measure the space and length of step supported by the hinges and cut and sand the cutting board to size.
10) Place the step on the hinges, mark drill (not all the way through) the holes and fasten to the hinges with screws.

Links to the parts and pieces:


Cutting Board for Step

Black Plastic Backing  

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