New pantry shelves

We replaced the stock pantry shelves and added additional shelves and storage bins. Makes it easier to find things in the pantry, keeps it better organized, and holds more stuff! Shelf material Storage bins

Revel Storage Solutions, Part Two (Back of the Van)

Mike explains the storage on the back of the van – storage, generator box and sherpa . Folding steps on sherpa Blackstone Griddle Ditty bags Generator box hatch with cover Camper’s Axe Camping shovel 

Bed Step

The step stool we were using to get on the elevated bed is feeble and it keeps getting moved in the night by the doggos. I saw this thing online and when I saw the price decided to see if I could replicate it with stuff for less (starting the habits of a retiree). ThisContinue reading “Bed Step”

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