About Yellow Dog Van Adventures

Mike Faber

Mike retired young(ish) from corporate life to enjoy the freedom that comes with having six Saturdays and a Sunday. Plan A for early retirement was hatched long ago and included 20 years of cruising and racing sailboats inshore and offshore on both coasts as well as the Caribbean. The challenge of facing competition, nature and being fully self-reliant out on the water was an addiction.

Life took a few unexpected jibes and things lead to more land-based pursuits of racing bicycles, fishing and vintage cars. This satisfied the tinkering, competition and self-reliant itch, but the travel was missing. Remote traveling by van was a natural fit and after Winnebago released the Revel in 2018, the answer was obvious. Early retirement plan B had arrived.

The van has opened up adventure travel throughout the western and central US as well as Mexico over the past 4 years. Along the way, the van (not to mention Mike) has been equipped to handle more extended off grid travel, terrain, and situations that can occur away from outside assistance.

Mike is excited to share his experience to assist others in finding the satisfaction and pleasure that comes with self-reliant adventure travel.

Karen Faber

Karen retired early from the world of trade associations to spend more time running, hiking, traveling, paddle boarding, and trying not to be scared of crashing her mountain bike. Her original retirement goal of sailing around the world was revised once she got into running, something difficult to do when spending days on the water. Camping and van travel quickly emerged as the perfect new direction to take – she still gets to travel and see cool stuff, but also gets to run along the way. And if there’s a race at the destination – even better.

While waiting for Mike to retire, she continued chipping away at her goal of running a marathon or longer in all 50 states – the perfect excuse to travel. Now she uses the organization and planning skills developed at trade associations to find the perfect spots to travel and camp. As an engineer that didn’t really like engineering, she’s trying to learn more about the van’s systems and operation, but mostly ends up doing the coordination and marketing of Yellow Dog Van Adventure tours.

Riley Faber (Yellow Dog #1)

I love my people. I love my van. I love lying in the grass and sniffing the air. I love swimming in little circles. I love food. I love you. Huckleberry’s okay.

Huckleberry Faber (Yellow Dog #2)

I like playing ball.

See that ball there? Throw it.

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